How we ended up in a bizarre situation and we understand that it entails a lot and that everyone is working on it. We obey the regulations of RIVM and we try to organize as much as possible behind the scenes for everyone so that everybody can work in the safest way!

We would like to inform you that Logistic Team, Coolport Packing, and Looije Verpakkingen are also doing everything they can to prevent from spreading the virus. Your and our customer’s health is a priority.

foto corona nieuwsbrief

That is why we advise you all to

  • Where possible keep 1,5 meter distance, also during the shopping.
  • Avoid direct contact: do not shake hands, greet without touching.
  • Sneeze and cough in your elbow instead of your hand.
  • As much as possible wash your hands.
  • Also, wash your hands at home – before you leave to client.
  • Take with you  paper tissues and use them only once.


Do you suffer from a cold, cough, sore throat?
Then call in sick via emergency line 06-10913082.


Do you have a fever? then apply the following rules

  • Take your temperature
  • Take a picture and send it via WhatsApp 06-10913082
  • Agata Looije will contact with the GP (general practitioner) and afterward will contact with you.



We notice that there are many questions about childcare and we would like to help with that and answer all questions. That’s why we want to take stock of how many employees have problems with taking care of heir children.

Do you have any questions? 
Call or send a message via  WhatsApp to 06-44561289
You can also ask questions via e-mail

We appointed for this purpose above-mentioned number and an e-mail address.


Good to know

Because we belong to the crucial companies, you have the right to school or BSO childcare if you both work ( as parents) for us. If we can help you, we look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks you!

We are very proud of everyone who comes to work despite everything and who stands by for our company. We want to ask everyone to pay attention to each other and be there for each other.

Peace will save us.