I am looking for work and would like to register. What do I have to do?

You can register with Logistic Team in various ways:

  1. Complete an open application form on the website
  2. Apply for a vacancy
  3. Visit our office in Maasdijk. (make an appointment beforehand)

After registering, we will contact you as soon as possible once we’re able to offer a suitable position.

What documents do I need for registering?

To be able to fully register, we require the following documents from you:

  1. Valid and undamaged European ID card/passport
  2. Bank card or a document to confirm the Euro account number has been assigned
  3. RNI (BSN) registration printout
  4. Certificates/Driving licence (if applicable)
I am having problems logging in on Flexportal. What happens now?

If you’ve forgotten your password or are unable to log in, contact us by email: Jobcoach@Looijeagf.nl. Clearly state your first and last names, and date of birth. We will send you a new link with which you can recover your password.

When do I receive my wage when working at Logistic Team?

We pay the previous week’s wage every Friday. You’ll have the wage in your account on Friday in almost every case.

I don’t understand my wage slip.

There are various components on your wage slip relating to your salary.
You can download the wage slip below.

  Wage slip explained

My hours aren’t right; what now?

Always try to keep note of your hours for your own administration. Please remember that the break is unpaid. If your hours aren’t right, state specifically what you think isn’t right (such as the number of hours worked). You can do this by email: Jobcoach@Looijeagf.nl If you’re right, a correction will be made as soon as possible to the next payment.

How much tax do I have to pay on my wage?

This really differs for each person. It depends, among other things, on income and assets. Tax brackets with different rates apply in the Netherlands. Payroll tax is calculated on your hours worked. A special rate is calculated at the time a “special” payment takes place. This might include a bonus, performance supplement or reservation settlement.

How do I pay for accommodation?

We will send you a payment request by email/text message. For further information, go to the information folder we sent you.

What is an ET scheme?

ET (extraterritorial costs) scheme is a tax scheme making it possible to give employees living abroad (such as in Poland) and working in temporarily in the Netherlands a tax-free payment. A flexworker then forgoes a portion of taxed wage, and in exchange receives a tax-free payment.

Certain conditions need to be met in order to be able to use the ET scheme, which you are informed of during registration.

When are me reservations paid out?

Holiday allowance is paid our weekly with payment of the wage (every week);
Holiday hours are paid out during the leave or after leaving employment;
Payment following employment occurs six weeks you have you left employment;

I’m sick. What should I do?

Sickness can only be reported by sending a text message to the emergency number. The message must contain the following information:

  1. First and last name
  2. Location of activities (Company Name)
  3. Start time
  4. First and Last name of the driver

Sickness reported in any other way is not registered. We must be able to reach the person reporting themselves as sick (Dutch telephone number).

Will I still get paid my wage if I’m sick?

The employee should know that the first two illness days are not paid (waiting days).

If the wage is continued to be paid by the employer, the sick pay is calculated based on the legal assumption of 13 calendar weeks prior to the first day of incapacity to work.

During the first 52 week of incapacity to work, the employee is entitled to 91% of the actual hourly wage with a minimum of 100% of the statutory minimum wage. After 52 weeks of incapacity to work, 80% of the hourly wage (at least the hourly statutory minimum wage) is paid as sick pay.

How can be request an employer’s declaration?

To request an employer’s declaration, send an email to: salaris@logisticteam.nl . Clearly state your first and last name, and date of birth. You’ll receive a response with three working days.

How can I change my details, such as bank-account number, address, telephone number, etc.?

Your details can be adjusted in two ways. You can adjust the details yourself on Fexportal or sent us an email to Jobcoach@Looijeagf.nl. State your first and last name, and let us know what you should adjust for you and on which date.

I haven’t worked for a while; will the count within the phases system just continue?

Are you again working for a temping agency after an interruption of 26 weeks or longer? If so, the count starts again from the start of phase 1. If you’re in phase 3 and haven’t work for less than 26 weeks, you go back to the start of phase 3.

I haven’t received an insurance pass / health policy. How can I still get this?

Send an email to Jobcoach@Looijeagf.nl with a request to email you a health insurance policy. Please note. The email address must be known on our system. Remember to state your first and last name, and date of birth. We will send a policy replying to the email.

Where/How can I request leave?

Request leave through Flexportal You will receive confirmation. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email that the leave status has changed. If you log in to the portal, you’ll see that the status has changed from “wait” to “agreed” or “denied”.

When do I accrue pension?

You accrue your pension once you have been working for longer than 26 weeks, and are over the age of 21.