A certified employer 

Jobs offered in the logistic and production sector can differ greatly in terms of quality of work and the way you are treated. Logistic Team is proud to be a certified employer. You are assured of a safe environment and fair treatment.


Choosing Logistic Team means choosing quality. We would like to develop a long-term relationship with you because we represent reliable service delivery and we want to provide you with the ideal work environment. Agreements are documented in writing and administration is organised down to the finest details.

We belong to the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organisations and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU), so you are assured of an honest wage and good terms and conditions of employment. On the other hand, it also gives our clients the security of knowing that we treat you in a proper manner and comply with all the other conditions of employment.

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In addition, we are an SNA-certified recruitment agency, which means our personnel administration is in order, that we pay sufficient payroll and/or sales tax in a timely manner, and that you are entitled to work in the Netherlands.

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The safety of our employees is of paramount importance. That is why we ensure we are always able to guarantee your safety by means of aids and courses.

Within six weeks of starting work for us, you will receive a package of work clothing, if desired by our client. Within this package, you can find safety shoes, hair nets, gloves and a safety vest. We always work hygienically and protect you against accidents as best we can.

You naturally hope you never need it, but it gives peace of mind to know that all our foremen are First Aid trained. They receive refresher training annually. So if something should happen on the shop floor, they know exactly what to do. We devote a great deal of attention to Health & Safety regulations and safeguard your working hours and breaks, so you are well rested and alert when you work for our clients.

Register today. We offer you security in respect of safety and hygiene.

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